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11-01-2009, 11:55
This has just been released, only 15 days old. "Trail Days", A documentary on the Churches role at Trail Days, how it's grown over the years, and how they feel about helping thru-hikers. It is really a good video. Features Trail Days 09.

I was there when they were shooting this. What a group of people that volunteer to assist thru-hikers and help with such a magical event as a thru-hike.

The new Documentary "Trail Days" (http://thebackpacker.tv/2009/10/31/ministry-on-the-appalachian-trail)Awesome video

Damascus Trail Days (http://thebackpacker.tv/2009/05/31/damascus-trail-days-video-documentary) is also located here. Different type of documentary.

Pacific Tortuga
11-01-2009, 12:46
I was moved by, not Babtist's, but by the people of this congregation. In 07 they had a wonderful commitment to hiker health/food/fun and they have seem to expand on that.
The woman featured was a true down to earth, "angel". Not sure if I believed in them but if there are some, she was the "Real Mc Coy" .
My spirituality is more creation not creator and it is still that way.
There was a warmth and honesty that seem to flow through her pour's. and I for one was truly grateful.
I'm still weary of hidden agenda's by faith driven, "good deeds" but my cynaical heart lost many layers that week and for the most part have kept them off.
Thanks for sharing.

Red Hat
11-01-2009, 15:58
So many people have a negative feeling just at the word "Baptist". This congregation goes out of their way to show people the love of Christ. They do worship the creator, not His creation (Romans 1:25). But they also understand the duty to take care of the creation with which we have been blessed. That includes the people in it. If I were ever to move to Damascus, this would be my home church.