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11-01-2009, 19:13
I am talking to my best friend back home in England right now and convincing him to come hike with me in a few weeks. I do not have any kind of data book (anymore, or yet) so i was wondering if someone could confirm a.s.a.p how far it is from Erwin to Winding Stair, or even just Erwin to the NOC. I've hiked GA to VA twice so i know what i'm up against, but my buddy would like to know the exact mileage to plan flights etc.


Jack Tarlin
11-01-2009, 19:42
Winding Stair Gap to Erwin TN; 232.2 miles.

Nantahala Outdoor Center to Erwin TN: 204.9 miles.

11-01-2009, 19:56
Thanks Jack. I think i inadvertently stole a map from you in 2004 covering Hot Springs north to Damascus i believe. I may have mailed it to you but i forget. I was hiking with Grace. Thanks for the speedy reply though! I did find that someone had put a small amount of the databook online, including elevation charts. Unfortunately it starts at Dicks Creek Gap (mile 66ish) and finishes at Sams Gap in the Smokies (mile 185ish).


Jack Tarlin
11-01-2009, 20:06

If you find yourself without a Data Book or mileage chart, you can always go to www.aldha.org and check out the On-Line version of the Thru-Hikers Companion which has current (at least for 2009) Trail mileage figures, distances between points, etc.

Cabin Fever
11-01-2009, 20:39
www.atdist.com (http://www.atdist.com) is also a great site for distance calculations. I think it supposed to be in sync with the AT Data Book.

11-01-2009, 20:48
our own ATROLL, with great dedication has put a trail guide on line here on White Blaze.

It's in word format. I have it downloaded onto my computer. I use it to plan my section hikes.

Thank you Atroll