View Full Version : 2010 Thru hike-run/possible yo yo/Looking for running Partner

Dirty Harry
11-05-2009, 11:14
Ive got a couple options here that I'm throwing out, a little day dreaming at work if you may. My main goals for next season are Leadville 100 and also the Vermont 100 ultra runs which are in JUly-Aug. So I'm thinking about hoping on the AT at Springer and running. My girlfriend is starting a sobo thru hike in June, and would like to meet her in July in VT for the first 100 miler. Possibly looking for a partner to keep up the momentum.Also if time abids that is where the yo yo option comes into play. I beileve I would take off somtime in May, any input would be appreciated, DH.

11-09-2009, 19:27
I am planning on leaving in April/May and am looking for someone to at least start hiking with, would you be interested in talking about starting together?

Dirty Harry
11-10-2009, 19:54
Sure Im always interested in talking about the trail, or anything that has do with the AT in general. First I would like to say that if I hop on the trail at springer next spring/summer I will be pacing no less then 20 miles a day and sticking around 30+ miles a day. So if that is a pace you where interested in let me know.

Dirty Harry
12-17-2009, 23:44
bump bump bump

01-15-2010, 15:03
I am planning on hitting the trail as soon as this semester is over. I am leaving Springer and going at least as far as Damascus. My goal is minimum 20 miles each day, prefer 30 or more. If all goes well physically, and pace is what I hope, I do have thoughts of staying on the trail for a continuous thru hike. I am in the South Bend area of northern Indiana. I have a window to do the AT this year that I dont see me getting again for quite some time so I am taking advantage of it.