View Full Version : Big South Fork - free night

11-07-2009, 17:54
If you are a veteran they usually allow you to sleep on the ground at Big South Fork for free on Veterans day - you do not have to pay the $5.00. It might only be for one night - but hey what do you expect. You have to prove that you are a veteran, though. And just having some missing limbs or massive head trauma is not enough so bring your papers. PTSD is also not proof.

Who says the Man is not taking good care of the vets? Does this not prove it?

By the way dogs are frowned upon at Big South Fork - you have to sign a statement at the permit office that says your dog will be on leash at all times - but hey, they are just building the states case for all evil doers that can't follow the rules.

By the way you can ride your horse or 4-wheeler there all day and tear up the trails free of charge - year round - but backpackers need to pay $5.00 if they stay the night. Good rule.