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The Solemates
11-11-2009, 11:11
what stuff should i buy to spray on many different pieces of my gear?

I'd like to spray some waterproofing on the foot end of my sleeping bag, parts of my tent, on my boots, and even maybe on my pack.

what one product should i buy for all applications?

the cheaper the better if it works. i know its not doing to work that well but it will at least help.

11-11-2009, 11:22
Nothing. You don't really want to "waterproof" even part of your sleeping bag, or you'll wet it out with sweat. Get a trash compactor bag to line your pack, or get a cover for it, or both. You boots will get wet, regardless--choose footwear that's comfortable when wet and will dry out quickly. If your tent's not waterproof, it's time for a new tent.

I'm obviously not a believer in magic sprays. I hear there are DWR sprays for clothing and sleeping bags, but it's a repellent, not waterproofing, and I've never tried it.

Rain Man
11-11-2009, 12:02
I bought Tectron "water repellent" spray. I think it was at REI. I intend to use it on my sleeping bag, as the spray is DWR, not actually water proof. Have yet to use it, though.

I'd like to ask the same water PROOFING question about a big (8-man) Kelty Ridgeway tent my family gave me some years ago. We've used it a few times. The last time was a couple weeks ago in a steady over-night rain. The fly leaked! I seam-sealed it last week and it still leaks. I think the fabric coating is just getting pin-holes where folded, crinkled, etc.

So, I'll ask the same question for a Kelty rain fly (not sil-nylon). Any product I can spray on it (the underside?) to make it water proof once again? Or do I have to ditch an otherwise very fine, serviceable tent?