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10-24-2002, 08:51
Flyin' Brian recently posted a nice email to the PCT-L about the scientific differences between open mouth alcohol stove designs (like the Cat Stove) and more closed systems (like the Photon stove). Rather nicely written. It is on the scientific side of things. His final conclusion?
Open mouth and closed (or sealed) designs work, for the most part, about equally well. However, the closed system is harder to get working properly while the open mouth stove is easy to build. He does mention that the only stove design which is significantly better in terms of fuel economy is Sgt. Rock's.

The email should be in the PCT-L archives somewhere. If not, and there is interest, I'll email Flyin' Brian and ask if I can post the email here.

SGT Rock
10-24-2002, 09:23
I read that one. He CC the post to Backpacking Light group as well. In case ya'll didn't know, Brian Robbinson is Roy Robbinson's son. Roy Robbinson (Traildad) is the guy that invented the Cat Stove. They ave a cool design for a poncho/tarp/tent and some other good ideas WITH PATTERNS on their site.

Smart family.

Trail Yeti
10-24-2002, 13:33
I hiked w/Trail Dad in Pennsylvania on my hike this year. He is a really cool guy. He was pretty interested in your stove Rock. What is his website?

10-24-2002, 15:16

He has links to the Calendar triple crown, his
AT hike this year, and instructions for the Cat

SGT Rock
10-24-2002, 16:10
I would love to meet him. His Cat Stove is what got me interested in stove making in the first place. It is almost foolproof to make and was the first good success I had with an alcohol stove. He and I e-mailed back and forth a few times when I made my first stove and had some problems - not enough air flow to the stove. I ended up fixxing the windscreen.