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11-20-2009, 16:10
I'm a newcomer to the forums, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ryan. I've been browsing the site for a couple days gathering info because a long time friend and I are in the early planning stages of a thru hike. This seems like a great place to gather info and get to know the AT community.

Pacific Tortuga
11-20-2009, 16:13
Your right, this is one of the best sites to gather good info on anything AT. Enjoy the ride and planning of your adventure.


Montana AT05
11-20-2009, 18:41
Another good place to learn and enjoy is www.trailjournals.com

Plenty of journals to sift through.

WB has a more robust set of boards.

11-20-2009, 18:46
You'll be amazed how eager people are to give their opinions and advice. You'll be shocked to learn that some of it actually is beneficial.

Make sure you check the sticky's, the long posts with massive amounts of info. They've got huge amounts of helpful info. The discussions after the huge posts are helpful as well. But that's just my opinion and advice.

11-20-2009, 18:48
Welcome Powell19. You've come to the right place for interesting conversation and yes even some useful information! Hope your planning is going well.

11-20-2009, 22:25
Hi Ryan, welcome. :)

11-21-2009, 01:31
Thanks for the welcoming, everyone.

11-21-2009, 10:42
Welcome Powell. You will find plenty of thing helpful here. I have learned so much while searching the forumns.

11-22-2009, 02:18
My name is Thomas and I'd just like to say hi to everyone. As everybody knows that nowadays forums are the best source of Knowledge, and through forums we can learn a lot. When I heard of the community I thought it would be wonderful to expand to a new community, meet like minded people and share thoughts and services with fellow members.I am sure there's a lot of interesting topics and discussions happening on this forum and wanted to check it out.I was looking for a new forum to join and the higher powers of Google has brought me here!
I look forward to meeting you all and wish you the best of success.

11-22-2009, 11:16
Welcome Thomas, Im here for the same reasons, learning more is always a plus.

11-22-2009, 12:02
:welcome....just don't drink the kool-aid.........;)

11-22-2009, 12:28
Yes Ryan...time spent on WB counts toward your AA meeting requirements. :)