View Full Version : summer hook-up for thru hike

11-25-2009, 01:55
I'm looking for advice on how to arrange meeting my son for a summer section while I do a thru hike. current plans are I leave about Apr 10 pick up my son (age 15) about June 10 we hike together till about Aug 10 he goes home then I finish.
If 100 miles a week is reasonable, I will be around blue ridge/ skyline drive junction. Charlotsville Virginia. What are my options for getting him to me and then getting him home later. Fly into Wash DC then bus? then bus to NY or Boston for a flight home? We live in St.Louis is anyone traveling near those dates to give him a ride? I leave the trail and rent a car?
What worked for you?

11-25-2009, 13:13
If you have someone at home that can make the reservations for you maybe you should get out on the trail and wait until mid May to make reservations. You might have a better idea of where you will be come June?

There are alot of trail angels around the Waynesboro, VA area. Maybe you can get one of them to pick him up at a bus station and bring him to you?