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11-25-2009, 22:14

I'm looking for opinions on what would be a good choice for a 3-seasons jacket "system". Something that is lightweight, reasonably waterproof, and multi-layer. Currently I have a relatively inexpensive 3-in-1 LLBeans jacket: fleece liner, thinly insulated outer layer. The fleece is great around camp until it gets to the 50s then I can put on the outer layer and am good down to 40's. But it doesn't compact much and is kind of heavy, about 3 lbs. Plus it isn't really waterproof so I have to bring a rain jacket also, another 12 ozs or so.

So things to have:

1. Insulated inner layer, but not too much
2. Outer layer adds more insulation
3. Waterproof (ish)
4. Compressible

Anything like that which doesn't break the bank?



11-25-2009, 22:24
I have the Mammut Ultimate Hoody and it is Bada$$! It isnt insulated but it is pretty warm but can still be worn in warmer weather. It is waterproof and is a Windstopper jacket. Its really light and packs very small. It may not be warm enough for you but its all I take until the snow starts to fly.

11-26-2009, 00:11
I don't know what temperature you are looking to keep yourself warm in but here's what I do
1 200 weight fleece-jacket or vest depending on season
2 Patagonia Down Sweater
3 Precip rain jacket

11-30-2009, 22:04
Something to be able to tolerate a few hours at mid 40's before jumping into the sleeping bag. I actually wear the Bean's when I go home to CT for holidays and it is comfortable around town into the 20's, but not for long periods of time.

11-30-2009, 23:46
military field jacket liner is likely a lighter weight replacement for the insulation piece - $10 at local army/navy store.

there's dozens of options for lightweight rain jackets - ranging from $15 driducks to $500 arc'teryx stuff