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Jack Tarlin
10-24-2002, 14:14
Here are a few useful Internet sites; thanx to the many folks who've sent along their ideas/suggestions; I hope more folks add to this list, especially on such topics as Gear; Maps; Food/Recipes/Dehydration; Wildlife; Health issues/Backcountry medicine, etc. Working together, we can come up with a really useful collection of sites. Anyway, here's a start:

www.atconf.org The site of the Appalachian Trail Conference Excellent starting place, tons of info for prospective thru-hikers. THE place to go for info on Maps, Guidebooks, Trail books, etc.

www.aldha.org Appalachian Long-Distance Hiker's Association
Extremely useful site, especially their section called "The First Step" Good links to other sites

www.backcountry.net The A.T. Mailing List The largest, oldest, amd best list of its sort devoted to the A.T. Many former thru-hikers here; occasionally a bit chatty and off-topic, but a great place to get specific answers to specific questions. Also good place to get shuttle info, weather conditions on the Trail, info on upcoming Trail-related gatherings, special invents

www.whiteblaze.net Excellent interactive planning Forum, perhaps the best of its site on the web. A new site which will no doubt get better as more folks discover it.

www.trailjournals.com Extensive list of long-distance hiker journals/diaries, the largest site of its kind on the web

www.fred.net/kathy/at.html The A.T. Home Page Lots of fun stuff here, all Trail-related; very extensive hiking Links section

www.TrailQuest.net Fun site, much useful stuff, good links section, much useful maildrop/resupply info.

www.thru-hiker.com Fun gear-related site, includes reviews, much info on lightweight hiking

www.peaktopeak.net Much info here, great links section including many useful home pages

www.thebackpacker.com Fun stuff here, including very useful mileage calculator (see also www.tomjanofsky.com) which will help with mileage/scheduling/resupply planning

www.backpacker.com or www.gorp.com Two large commercial sites, most useful for gear info and links to Manufacturer's sites

10-25-2002, 12:12
Baltimore Jack is right on with his list of outstanding websites. I might just add that B-Jack himself has a wonderful recap of AT Resupply Information located on the TrailQuest site http://www.trailquest.net/atresupply.html

Maybe this info could be posted on "WhiteBlaze.net"///

Jack, are you planning to update this info for the class of 2003??

Jack Tarlin
10-25-2002, 12:22
Yes, at the first opportunity, as several additions, alterations, etc. are in order. Will try to get to it this week.

SGT Rock
10-25-2002, 13:23
Good stuff. It should go under member articles!

Jack Tarlin
10-25-2002, 15:37
I just had a look at my maildrop/re-supply info presently posted at www.TrailQuest.net, and I lack both the time and the inclination to ENTIRELY re-write it, either here or there. I didn't realize it was such a long post! Instead, I suggest that interested parties have a look at it for themeselves, as it's still about 98% current; at some point in the next few days, I'll make some updates and revisions to take into account new places, facilities, developments. Hopefully these revisions and additions, along with what is already permanently posted elsewhere, will prove useful to folks as they plan their re-supply decisions. Oh, as always, if anyone has a look at either the new post or the existing one, and has anything to add, please do so, as it'd be great if this information was as complete as possible. There are many places on or near the Trail that I've always managed to miss somehow, either deliberately or otherwise, and have no first-hand knowledge of and of course there are some brand-new places this year, too. I'm always reluctant to speak in depth about a place I haven't personally seen or visited, or haven't seen recently. Anyone who wants to throw in their ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms about the many places I've omitted from mention is more than welcome to do so.

Jack Tarlin
11-08-2002, 17:16
Just stumbled on something new; there's some fun new stuff at www.hobocentral.com (Click on "Furums" section). There's a great new A.T. page with some very useful information on Trail towns, services, Trail town web sites, maps and current weather for ANYWHERE on the Trail, and more. Could be very useful, especially for people planning short trips, section hikes, etc., and wish for more detailed information on where they're going. In any case, a very useful addition to an already fun site.

11-09-2002, 01:32
Jack, I'm surprised you mentioned hobocentral. They've been doggin' you for quite a while. Guess it was all in fun. That's good. ;)

max patch
10-28-2003, 09:07
Although it won't be easy, (pun intended) if Admin is able to maintain the high ideals expressed below this new forum will be a welcome addition as source of information about the trail.

From the website:

Q: Will ATForum.Net be an anything goes site, like before?

A: No! ATforum will have certain guidelines to make it more friendly for a wider audience.

1) flaming or bashing of any other Appalachian Trail website, service, or their perspective owners (including ATForum) will not
be tolerated. (if you don't like certain sites or businesses, simply don't visit them)

2) disrespect, flaming or bashing, of other posters will not be tolerated.

3) language and content will all be G rated. (if you wouldn't want your own kid reading what you post, don't post it)

4) copying and pasting of posts from other sites that you are not the author will be deleted.

Blue Jay
10-28-2003, 09:38
Max, just because you are G rated, does not mean the rest of us have to be.

10-28-2003, 14:45
Anyone want to take bets as to whether Dave can abide by his own rules? :D

11-02-2003, 10:33
Can I do some shameless self-promotion for my site? It's mostly about hiking with dogs, something not often addressed in much depth on some sites. I'm planning on taking my boy with me on my thru-hike in the spring (I know the controversy... but at least I have the excuse of being a small woman).

In addition to dog type stuff, I have general hiking info, gear patterns (and some more reviews on the way), misc. fun stuff, and will be adding some paddling info as I find time over the winter.


The Weasel
11-02-2003, 12:33
Uber: I sometimes take my dog with me on short trips, when and where I know I am unlikely to meet many others, and camp away from people, so I probably understand a lot of where you are coming from. But YOU can't understand the intensity of the controversy, or how, frankly, it is going to adversely affect you (and yes, your doc)in your thru hike. Being a "small woman" isn't an excuse, either. You are going to be far safer thanks to the friends you have on the trail (and they won't be the same, and possibly will be fewer, than the ones you'd have if your dog is with you). Just don't.

The Weasel

Ankle Bone
03-03-2004, 12:22
I don't know if this has been posted before, but I thought it was pretty cool. Especially for those of us who enjoy planning something to death!


03-04-2004, 01:46
SGT Rock's http://hikinghq.net is the site that got me back into backpacking. and it got me to this great site. It was refreshing when compared to that magazine site! Instead of trying to make me believe I had to buy very expensive & heavy equipment, I learned to use what I had and to get practical gear.
I discovered hammocking because of the Sgt and I haven't regretted a single night's sleep.

Sgt. leads by his example.
Thanks Sgt.