View Full Version : AT Road Crossing GPS Cordinates

11-29-2009, 13:08
Is there a a GPS app I can download to my GPS (TomTom) that has the locations of where the AT Trail crosses roads and or nearest parking point ? Figured it would make driving to the trail easier.

11-29-2009, 15:33
I do not remember where I downloaded it from but if you PM me I will email it to you. The file is only 68kb.

11-29-2009, 20:49
GPS A.T. Parking waypoint data is located on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy website. Here's how to get to the data.

1. Go to ATC website
2. Perform a search on "GPS"
3. Scroll to bottom of the search results page and you will find the data you need.

Tin Man
11-29-2009, 20:53
actually, that is about all i use my gps for any more. useless on the trail (my opinion), very handy finding road crossings. i leave my gps in the car now.