View Full Version : Western Mountaineering Flash Pants vs Montbell UL Down Inner Pants

The Will
11-30-2009, 17:27
I've searched everywhere looking for information on the Flash pants by Western Mountaineering. I can only find them on two sites and neither site gives thorough tech specs.



One site lists a wt. of 6.8 oz. Does anyone know what the fill weight of these pants are. I am trying to compare these to the Montbell UL Down Inner Pants.

11-30-2009, 19:18
Why not contact WM and post their response?

The Will
11-30-2009, 19:41
For those who are interested, I just received this reply from "lightingboy" on the backpacking forums:

Talked to WM direct about these 2 pairs of pants.
The Flash pants are 6oz and have 2oz of fill in a medium.
The Flight Pants are 10.5oz with 3oz of fill in a medium.

Medium waist is 32-34 inches.

I've used the MB UL inner Down Pants. They are fantastic for the weight. I sold them to look for some pants that were full zip and now it looks like the WM Flight pants are in the lead over the MB UL Tech pants.

WM Flash Pants: Total wt 6.0 oz; fill wt 2 oz; fill power 850

Montbell UL Pants: Total wt 6.8 oz; fil wt 2 oz; fill power 800

As I understand it, the Montbell pants have a longer inseam; WM inseam is "normal" length. WM also has some heavier fabric in the seat.