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Trail Yeti
10-24-2002, 19:40
I wrote this before I started my hike...never realizing how accurate it would be.....


As the sun peeks over the horizon,
Lighting the highest peaks and stirring the mist,
A hiker appears, climbing out of the shelter,
Stretching out the kinks, the soreness in his body, he smiles
Dirty, smelly, yet immensely happy, he sets out on his routine
Hefting his pack, he begins to move North,
Chasing his dream
Grinning as he walks, with some undetermined substance stuck in his beard,
He thinks only of how ecstatic he is
Never knowing what or whom he will see over the next hill
Or around the next bend
Ascents, descents, day after day he walks
The days merging into weeks, the weeks into months
Until, he reaches his goal
A few more steps and he sees it,
That famous red sign
Emotions overwhelm him; memories of his journey bombard him
Yet he still smiles, and sits in the sun on top of a mountain
Savoring the memories of those long miles behind him,
A dream fulfilled, and
As the sun dips below the horizon
He looks back at the peak he so longed to reach
And smiles.