View Full Version : Need Ride to Vermont US 4 from maybe Hanover area

08-27-2004, 20:03
We are hoping to hike from Sept. 1 - 5th from the US 4 to wherever we make it in NH with my dad, Spirit Al and his girlfriend, Canada Goose (who are thru-hiking this year). Thinking of trying to leave our car ahead...Hanover doesn't seem far enough and Glencliff might be a bit of a stretch, not too sure of the parking situation in between or arranging a pick-up. Know of anyone who would be able to help us out? I don't know if the folks at the Hostel in Glencliff do shuttles (we didn't stay there), and not too sure if there is anyone in Hanover doing shuttles. If you have any suggestions, please reply. We left things a little late...

Sumac and Undetermined '03

08-27-2004, 22:19
You could go on faith, I was able to hitch from Killington Rt4 to Hanover without too much trouble. Also from Hanover to Franconia Notch. Glencliff is a little different but still doable in three or four hours...

08-28-2004, 09:24
I think we may try the transit service from Hanover to WhiteRiver Junction then try hitching from there to the Inn at the Long Trail (unless we can find another alternative). I can't seem to find any further transit service from there. Then if we go on further than Hanover, we'll make further arrangements once we know how the hiking/time is going.

Thanks for the input, Ridgewalker777.

08-28-2004, 13:53
Check out the shuttler list (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/pdfs/ATshuttle_7-16-04.pdf) maintained by the Appalachian Trail Council. Several years ago we used Andy Petersen (802-333-4093; [email protected]), a former CFO for a timber company, who was very prompt on pickup, allowed us to leave our car at his house, and picked up my partner 3 days earlier than planned when he blew out his knee and couldn't continue.

08-28-2004, 21:09
Appreciate the response, Kerosene, we missed his name on the list...and it's always nice to get a good reference.