View Full Version : Camelbak filter

08-28-2004, 21:22
This may have been covered before, but, has anyone used the 'In-Line MicroFilter' made by Camelbak for their hydration systems. If it works it sure looks like a great idea.

Thanks in advance

08-28-2004, 22:01
I've use the one by SafeWaterAnywhere, which I understand is out of business. They claimed more efficiency (hundreds of gallons versus hundreds of quarts) and got into trouble.

The basic idea is sound. It allows you to either suck and drink or to make a gravity filter system, draining bad water thru the filter and into a clean bladder. Seychelle makes something similar, and appears to be well liked.

I still have a supply of SafeWater's and liked them. One problem is the need to clean them and watch out for fungus. Never try to run Gatorade or other flavoring thru it. Consider dipping it into boiling water occasionally. Bleach may be a good idea.