View Full Version : VT/MA Border??? SOBO or NOBO

lazy river road
12-11-2009, 15:06
Im hikeing the LT this summer and going SOBO. I plan on reaching the Southern Termis in mid July. Then Ill have another week or so to continue hikeing along the AT. Im trying to decide if I want to do a week NOBO or a week SOBO from the VT/MA border. Im looking for lots of elevation change with scenic overlooks, I like hikeing up MT's but not so much down :-? any ways suggestions any one.

lazy river road
12-11-2009, 15:15
I failed to think before I posted....If I go NOBO ill just be walking over the same trail on the AT/LT from which I just came from...Sorry for the mindlessness of this post I was not thinking. Moderator you can take down this post if you wish or leave it up for people to laugh at...its been a long day at work...and my mind has a mind of its own sometime...guess ill be continueing SOBO on the AT....

12-11-2009, 15:18
you'd be back tracking if you went north from the VT/MA. border as the A.T. & long trail share the same path for over a 100 miles or so. continue south(heading home) or hitch up towards the whites and have the views & mtns. you wanted

12-11-2009, 16:35
Hike a little slower and problem solved.:D

lazy river road
12-11-2009, 23:13
Jeff I like your idea but I am already hikeing really slow adveradge 10-15 mi max a day. I am going to continue south, id love to go to the whites but but am not bouncing that way. I have a ride set up down south. How is the MA section of the AT