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The Weasel
12-12-2009, 19:54
I'd like to suggest that a separate Forum be created just for navigation and mapping, as a central place for information and Q/A about maps, mapping programs, GPS and similar information. I think that it's as significant to have that info separate as it is for cooking or hammocks.

The Weasel

12-12-2009, 20:14
Good idea. Wasn't there a thread on this a few weeks ago, though? I think Alligator made one.

12-12-2009, 20:16

Rain Man
12-12-2009, 20:20
Good idea. Wasn't there a thread on this a few weeks ago, though? I think Alligator made one.

True. I voted YES there and will vote YES here too! LOL



Wise Old Owl
12-12-2009, 20:51
my vote is yes and I asked several times the same question couple years back

12-12-2009, 21:25
sounds like a good idea to me also

12-12-2009, 22:02

You started a thread about PDA data a few weeks ago that I can't seem to find and I tried to share what little I know. Any interesting info from that thread?


12-15-2009, 03:49
I would like to see such a forum. HOWEVER, forums take time and energy to create and moderate. Thus, I would understand if they did not create a new forum.

In addition to a forum, we could probably ALSO use a good set of permanent articles or "downloads" in this general topic area. There seem to be lots of frequently requested questions on this topic--and much of the general data will probably not change very much from month to month (or only need to be updated perhaps annually).

We could even use some articles--or web links to sites--on the topic of BASIC map and compass usage. I am constantly amazed at the number of hikers (who use "well-marked" trails like the AT) who cannot do simple navigational things like accurately orient a map.

12-15-2009, 08:32
that would be a great idea. sharing knowledege with a group is always good because there is always something to be learned from another person. its hard to belive:-? but whiteblaze has taught me quite a few things:eek::eek:.