View Full Version : Section Hike Questions Bland (US52) to Mt. Rogers Visitors Center (VA16)

12-16-2009, 14:53
I was contemplating doing this section over New Years but had a few questions for someone familiar with that area. First off is parking. I know you can park at the Mt. Rogers Visitors Center but they close the gate when they are closed and apparently they are not even open on weekends during the winter so that is probably out. I know there are a few pull off spots across the street on VA16 but have heard burglary is a problem. On the other end, (US52) near Bland I don't remember any parking. Is there any secure parking around there? Also are there any shuttle services in that area?


Also if anyone is interested in going on this trip, I would love to have you along, just PM me.

12-16-2009, 15:46
I think there is a hostel now in Atkins (near the I 81 interchange area) - they may be able to shuttle you and provide info on parking. Maybe someone else has more info on that.

12-16-2009, 18:33
Thanks, I sent them a email.

Canada Goose
12-16-2009, 20:27
In the late 90's I walked northbound from Damascus to US52 / Bland, leaving my 8 year old car parked in full view in the parking area right by the highway. I had no problem with vandalism at that time. Of course, things could be different now.

I was concerned, as you are now, especially being so far from home. On my way to MRO in Damascus (they did my shuttle), I stopped to inspect the area and found no signs of any previous vandalism, or warnings of same. I walked up the trail a-ways to look for negative indications, and found none. There was nightly illumination from the church across the road, and the car would be in plain view. I put everything in the trunk of the car, emptied the glove box and left it open. Then, I crossed my fingers, and began my hike. A week later, I was able to shuttle some friends I had made down to the Walker Motel in my un-vandalised car.

We each have to come to our own decisions, and I made mine.

Hopefully, Rambunny and Aqua at Happy Hiker Hollow will be able to assist you. I hear only good things about them.

Good Hiking! CG