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12-19-2009, 15:21
I am in need of information on a good estimate for a trail town to have my cold weather gear shipped to on a Southbound hike. I am assuming a 32 degree bag will be fine to start (date July 1st). I plan on switching over to a 20 degree when needed (if i make it that far).
Is there also a place where i will want to send some colder stuff home, or switch over to a higher temp. rated bag for summer weather? After the Green Mtns. perhaps? A bit in the dark about Southbounding it as I have researched NB hiking extensively.

12-19-2009, 18:06
You can hike with a good 32-F bag into mid October or early November in the Southern Appalachians. After that, though, I switch to a 5-F winter bag, not a 20-F bag.

12-22-2009, 01:57
30deg will get you quite a ways; excepting early on, I didn't even use my 30deg most nights (bivy sack plus hiking clothes was it) until around September 20, a day north of Pearisburg. After that it was comfortable pretty much every night except one at the known-to-be-cold Thomas Knob (also before I had warm-weather clothes sent to me, so my warm clothing was a single fleece sweater at that point, not comfortable at all but very livable) and one at the known-to-have-a-horrendous-wind-blowing-directly-into-it Blue Mountain (I had warm clothing by then). With warm clothing at an earlier point, I'd guess you'd be comfortable up to the Roan Highlands without really needing to switch; whether you'd be fine through them may be something you're more qualified to say than anyone else.