View Full Version : Review of the BlackRock down hat.

Stir Fry
12-21-2009, 01:10
Review of the BlackRock down hat.

I first read about this down hat in September 2009. After get some initial questions answered I ordered one around the end of October. My first impression was that it was well made. The stitching was clean and crisp, no lose threads, or missed stitches. I was a little concerned that some of the benefits of the down would be lost with the sew through construction. This later turned out to be an unfounded concern. The hat was very light, I had ordered the large and when I received the hat it was 25 grams or .9 ounces. This was an 1-˝ ounces less then the lightest weight fleece hat that I have. It balls up to just a bit larger that a golf ball, so it takes up almost no space.

I have used the hat daily and nightly for about 30 days. The conditions have been 40* to 18*. My head and ears are always worm, and surprisingly comfortable even when it a little wormer. This last weekend it was put to the ultimate test as far as the conditions that I mite encounter in the backcountry. I was directing traffic at a near fatal car accident for four hours. The temperature was alternating between 30* to 34*. It was either driving rain or sleet with winds of 30 mph the entire time. Normally I would expect frozen ears, in addition to hand, and feet. My ears never got cold, infect they were comfortable. I still had cold feet and hands though.

The only criticism that I can see is that the hat could be just a little longer, about an inch for me scene it did tend to ride up a little and I had to keep pulling it back down. This won’t be as much of a problem hiking or sitting in camp. I won’t be waving my arm all the time. Although the cap did not get wet this weekend I do believe this would be an issue over the long hall. So it am looking for some kind of a cover to ensure that it stays dry.