View Full Version : New Hostels, Please Notify ALDHA

09-02-2004, 19:33
I have noticed mention about new hostels here, like the one called birdcage in Dalton, Mass., but it is not in the Companion Guide. Someone correct if I wrong on this, because I just looked at the online version at www.aldha.org (http://www.aldha.org/) and the updates posted on the ATC's website.

What I am getting at, when something changes the ATC and ALDHA ask that you either write them a letter of send them an Email (email addresses can be found by going to their websites and clicking on contact information). With all of the information you know or have about the change, to include names, addresses, phone numbers, website and email addresses, so that they have a means of contacting the facility for clarity and verification.

This goes not only for Hostel's, but Hotels / Motels, Outfitter's and anything else that may be of interest to a thru-hiker.

09-21-2017, 14:40
Hope to be in the 2018 guide.
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