View Full Version : Dieuritic 25 MG & Ace Inhibitor 2.5 MG

09-04-2004, 22:06
I will be hiking from September 11 thru September 19 on the AT.
I take the following medication for high blood pressure
Hydrochlorothiazide (dieuritic) 25 MG and
Lisinopril (ace inhibitor) 2.5 MG

After taking these medicines for many months, my blood pressure is relatively low, 115/66.

I think these medicines cause tiredness, SO I will NOT be taking my these medicines while hiking. What do you think about that ???

09-04-2004, 22:16
Communicate with your physician on this.

09-04-2004, 23:51
You state that you 'think' these medicines cause fatigue. Your Dr. 'knows' that these medicines lower your BP. I'd go with the odds! I would kill for 115 over 66, that's not relatively low, that's great! You asked what others thought about not taking you medicines with you ... I think it's a dumb idea.