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09-04-2004, 23:14


Please read the article referred to in the above url. This is what I posted on another forum. Since I used WhiteBlaze as a resource for the reporter, I am asking you to comment to this reporter, too.

Dear Chris Parker: (chris.parker@mcall.com)

Regarding your article on the web: From The Morning Call -- September 3, 2004.

I have been following the articles concerning the Alpine Rose resort near the
Appalachian Trail in New Jersey. I have read about the Appalachian Trail
Conference and the Blue Mountain Preservation Association protests about the negative impact the "road-resort" will have on the Appalachian Trail and the communities along the Appalachian Trail that the hikers support.

What I do not see is anyone asking the hikers directly what their opinions are
about the Road Resort. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to write to you with copies to others regarding my personal comments.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Carol "Coosa" Donaldson. I am an
Appalachian Trail "Trail Angel" as well as a "Sectionaire" (we are sometimes
called "section hikers" to differentiate us from "Thru-Hikers" who hike the
entire Appalachian Trail in one continuous hike). I have not yet hiked through
your lovely State, but I have read some journals and books (see below for
websites) from others about their AT-Hikes which, of course, include the great State of New Jersey.

I feel compelled as a Sectionaire and a Trail Angel to write to you giving you
perhaps a different perspective about the proposed Alpine Rose road-resort. I
say "compelled" because your article seems to make it clear that the decision
has already been made, even though the "deadline" has been extended. I say
"compelled" because the latest objections by the ATC have been overridden by the planners. The Commission, whose commission it is to be impartial and make a final decision based on the positive AND negative aspects of the proposed road-resort has allowed the planners to wrest control of the commission's duties and make a decision which only the commission has the obligation and responsibility to the public, both the voters and future voters of the State of New Jersey and the many hiking visitors, to make.

My initial reaction is: who will benefit from the Alpine Rose road-resort? Is
there anyone on that commission (or a family member) who has or will in the
future benefit from the road-resort? Now this is conjecture from someone many miles removed from section hiking the New Jersey portion of the Appalachian Trail. But I live in a rural area (near the Appalachian Trail) and am quite familiar with the type of "politics" which makes reward-based decisions. Hopefully my conjecture has no basis in fact. Has anyone investigated this potential abuse of power to exclude it from the political mix regarding any decision to approve the road-resort? (To me, the fact that there has been extension after extension indicates that something in the commission's decisions does not ring clear. Why did they not reject the proposal outright the first time environmental issues were raised? Who profits if the road-resort is approved?)

My secondary reactions are:
1- has anyone discussed the road-resort with hikers who live in New Jersey?
What are their reactions to a road-resort so near the Appalachian Trail that its noise and pollution will impact their "wilderness" experience? (I've included
two websites of two known NJ hikers below.)
2- has anyone discussed the negative and positive aspects a road-resort will
have on the "Trail Towns" - those close enough to the Appalachian Trail to
receive monetary gain from the hikers? Some may well welcome the road-resort as it will bring more business to their establishments. Some may well protest the road-resort as disrupting their "small town, USA" image.
3- has anyone accessed the many hiker forums to ask hikers their opinions of how a road-resort will impact their hikes along the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey? (Some websites of hiker forums are listed below.)

Although the Appalachian Trail Conference represents the Appalachian Trail, it is only the actual AT hikers who represent the AT hiking community (of which there is a very large number). Ask us what we think.

New Jersey Hiker URLs:

Appalachian Trail hikers' online journals:

The Appalachian Trail Home Page:

A cooperative book project about the Appalachian Trail:

AT hiker's e-lists:
to participage in the above: http://www.backcountry.net

Other hiker/hiking urls:

My personal favorite book about the Appalachian Trail (and there are many) can be found at:

Please write an article regarding the Alpine Rose road-resort from the
Appalachian Trail Hiker viewpoint.

Thank you,

Carol "Coosa" Donaldson
Preservation means not just resisting but educating.
xxxx my address omitted from this copy
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Blairsville, Georgia, USofA
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09-08-2004, 22:03
:clap I received an email from the reporter, even though I did make a faux pas and call the Alpine Rose Road-Resort a New Jersey venture. It really is in Pennsylvania.

Anyway -- PLEASE send her your remarks. Here's her email:

"Coosa, no, I did not toss your e-mail! I'd love to chat with hikers who trek that part of the Trail. In fact, I live in West Penn Twp., Schuylkill County, about 2 miles south of the Trail.
What I would like is a concise summary of what your fears are for the Trail - and if you can gather others to talk, please let me know."

One email that generates hundreds will show that hikers DO care what happens near the AT corridor.

BTW, it's been brought to my attention that the former Lt. Governor owns a vintage car and is in collusion with the developers.

Doncha just luv politics when it works??? And YES, I am a NASCAR fan (even though I am concerned about the amount of gasoline used for the races).

Thank you, Coosa