View Full Version : Winter Footwear

09-05-2004, 14:17
I am just wondering what everyone uses for footwear in the winter. I will hopefully be doing some snowshoeing and winter camping this year, nothing extreme though.

Do you just use your regular hiking boots or do you have separate boots for summer/3season use and a pair just dedicated for use in the winter. Is waterproof a must or do you use GTX socks instead or another type of waterproof insert/sock. What about vapor barrier socks? Should I get a boot that has insulation in it?

Also what do the ultralighters use in the winter? Is there a light comfortable option for winter hiking? What about this http://www.overshoe.com/ (http://www.overshoe.com/) over you regular trail runner/approach shoe. It would be waterproof and warm. The various models claim a 20-40 degree temperature boost. Has anyone used these before? Backpackinglight.com did a review and said they liked them.

Any help would be nice. Thanks