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12-30-2009, 19:13
I apologize in advance for not having all the details correct here....I'm just working off of my failing memory!

One or two years ago, there was a businessman who was planning to go on a thru hike. I don't think that he had much hiking experience at all. I believe that he quit his job and was trying to promote and finance his hike by offering hiking seminars etc. (He might have even been planning seminars that were to be broadcast via satillite or over the internet). As I recall, the seminar fees were rather expensive. I know that he soon decided to cancel the seminar(s)--but he was still going to attempt the hike.

Anyone else remember something similar to this?

Whatever happened to that guy and his hike?

12-30-2009, 19:15
He got a sweet job offer a few weeks before beginning the hike and bailed.

Many Walks
12-30-2009, 19:41
Probably sitting in his cube dreaming about Springer. Hope he likes his job!