View Full Version : Labor Day Weekend: West Coast Style

Rift Zone
09-07-2004, 12:09
Sat: Way hot in Silicon Valley. So, I went to Santa Cruz to see how my girl was doing. Turns out, her day was just getting better. (She says she's been ruined. You guys better step up your game. I'm raising the stakes here.:)) The most I accomplished was food, friends, and fun till the wee hours in the morn.

Sun: BIG SUR BABY! Spent the night at Andrew Molera SB after a couple walks around and a salmon/lemon herb cous-cous dinner.

Mon: Sunrise on the beach. Off to Julia Pfeiffer Burns.... (Park? Beach? Don't Know: It's run by the Forest Service not the state park system.) For some climbing on the sandstone... Directly over the surf. Hell Yea. The cliffs closer to home (Santa Cruz) will crumble and are no good for sanity. Then, I just had to find a waterfall. Off to Pfeiffer BIG SUR State Park. -One of the main entry points to Ventana Wilderness. Didn't make it in to the Wilderness this time... There were closer falls. Heading back north, I see a hitch-hiker looking nice enough and sporting gear. (I won't look twice if you have no gear.) I hiked with this guy for a little on the AT a few years back. SWEET. We made it to a cliff overlooking the pier in Santa Cruz and made lunch out of my salmon/cous-cous leftovers. Said good bye to him and ran up the beloved Hwy. 9 a little. Sunset started in after a 6 mile hike in the Fall Creek Unit of Henry Cowell State Park. I hiked another 2 miles to my car, went home and ate ice cream.

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