View Full Version : Garmin 440T = Built in TOPO

Wise Old Owl
01-01-2010, 22:50
Well two months ago a price war happened between Walmart & Amazon and it hit the electronics prices really well. I picked up a Oregon 400T for $350 before they sold out. In fact Amazon sold their entire inventory of 400T.

1 remarkable feature that at first I thought was a defective unit. I uploaded tracks that give a high level of detail of the AT. Just after that the roads disappeared from the base map.... Only town labels were visible and the AT and all the topo & streams.. Looks great if you are hiking or fishing. What if you want to walk to a road? Well the feature is hidden in Profiles. Switch from recreational to travel and the layers can be turned off and on!

Did anyone else pick up a unit?

Wise Old Owl
01-18-2010, 14:19
guess not.