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01-08-2010, 23:35
Phenomonal. Those guys are amazing. I sent several e-mails dating back to August when I began considering a which pack. They were each answered with thorough consideration and obvious expertise. I finally pulled the trigger and got the circuit. Love it. When I had some concerns about whether I had chosen the right torso length Casey asked me to email some pics of me wearing the pack. He promptly got back to me with his opinion and pros and cons of keeping what I had or exchanging it. You just don't get customer service quite like that. If your in the market for UL gear please consider giving them a look.

01-09-2010, 00:52
I was confused on adjusting the load lifters, and Casey asked for a photo. He called me back later that night on my cell, and walked me thru my mistake. Hard to beat someone who will call you at night to help you fit your pack. Always amazes me that people on here are all gaga about some pack made in China or Viet Nam, and next to no customer support.

01-09-2010, 02:47
will 2nd/3rd both of these responses. I have not interacted with Casey but in 2007 when I bought a like new catalyst from someone on whiteblaze, Brian was awesome in helping me with making sure it fit and very attentive to any of my questions or issues with getting use to the pack. Totally impressed, top notch service. Now that this pack has been on 1500 miles of the AT and to the tops of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson here in Oregon, and a lot between, it is showing some wear....but only around the edges (where the hip belt goes go the back of the pack, hip pockets..) overall in GREAT shape. Might have to look at sending it to him for some light repairs if he does that.

cilo gear makes packs for climbers, and has their production facility here in portland oregon. i was able to go there and spend an hour with the guy who designs and makes them going over their materials, process, and different iterations and designs. incredible! rarely, rarely, can you get involved that much with the creator of such big pieces of gear, but well, to me its a huge selling point. That is value, in addition to it being a great product.

01-09-2010, 06:43
I haven't ordered one ...YET.
I have zero need for another pack but when it is a product made by hand in the....err..... new? USA.
I consider it an investment !