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01-11-2010, 15:18
One of my out-of-town relatives purchased an REI Taku jacket for me as a gift-- however it is just a little bit too small for me.

The problem of course is that I do not have a receipt, nor am I an REI member and I highly doubt that my relative is one either. The other issue is that when I went in to try on a larger size of the jacket, the color I have wasn't available (burgundy and gray) and it doesn't seemed to be offered online, so perhaps this is an older model, I don't know.

So does anyone know if they would allow me to exchange the jacket for the larger size that I need with the aforementioned circumstances? As I said, the jacket is REI's own brand, so it was obviously purchased at one of their stores, and it is not like I am attempting to fraud them with a backpack that I purchased elsewhere.

I just do not know what their policy is with non-member exchanges without a receipt on what could be an older model. Can anyone shed some light?

01-11-2010, 15:24
You'll have no issues exchanging your jacket.

Secret Squirrel
01-11-2010, 15:26
You wont know for sure unless you take the jacket in to a local store. That being said, I have never had any trouble returning merchandise. Many criticize REI for lots of reason, but they are great about returns.

01-11-2010, 15:28
You'll be fine returning your jacket. They won't give you any trouble a tall, about guaranteed. After being an REI member for a few years, I finally returned my first item a few days ago. No sweat. :D

01-11-2010, 15:31
Trev -- In my experience from both sides of retail, the best thing to do would be to call the nearest REI and ask to speak to the manager or whoever in management is in charge of returns/exchanges. Explain the situation to them , and see what they say.

There will most likely be no problem doing what you want to do, but showing up with a (possibly) older model will go much smoother if you already have the manager's okay. Although REI is pretty good about this sort of thing (particularly when it's their product), it never hurts to be able to say to a regular sales person, "I already spoke to so-and-so, and he said we could do such-and-such."

Good luck!

Live the Journey
01-11-2010, 16:10
Hey Trev...REI employee here.
If the jacket was bought on a membership (yours or whomever gave you the jacket) then you've got a rolling receipt, so an even exchange or return is easy as pie.
If it was not purchased on a membership but you still have the tags, an even exchange or return is still easy as pie.
If it wasn't purchased on a membership and you don't have the tags, the issue lies in that the color jacket you have reveals that it's not a current fall '09-spring '10 jacket...the Customer Service rep will most likely have to look up the year the jacket was made and then give you a refund based on what the current value of your jacket is...not necessarily the current REI Taku price.
Hope that helps! Good luck.
It's a sweet jacket though, I did springer to damascus and VT to Katahdin with mine!

01-11-2010, 16:25
I bought a parrot there once and it died....

They wouldn't take it back...

They kept saying something about pining for the fjords

01-11-2010, 16:29
I bought a parrot there once and it died....

They wouldn't take it back...

They kept saying something about pining for the fjordsIt waasn't dead, it was sleeping. :rolleyes::D

01-11-2010, 16:35
Wow, that's one expensive and heavy jacket! Probably overkill for the AT I would imagine?