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01-18-2010, 23:56
Hi All

I am going on a 3 day trip. My Plan is West Prong Trail to Bote Mountain Trail to Spence Field then Spence to Mollies and Finally Mollies to Fontana where I will be picked up by my wife.
My question is what is Bote Mountain trail like? I have read about the portion the connects to Anthony creek trail but I am looking for info about the portion between Anthony creek to West prong


01-19-2010, 17:40
Bote Mtn Trail's an old road... wide, monotonous, straight and kinda boring-ish until you get to the Anthony creek intersection, then get's interesting. there are nice winter views of Thunderhead on the way up.

IMO, Middle Prong Tr to Greenbrier Ridge is the better route.

01-19-2010, 17:48
I haven't done it in a good many years now, but my memory coincides with Ashe's. It was originally built as a gunpowder supply road during the Civil War, so you'd expect it to be relatively straight and boring. There are neat view after it turns into a trail...

01-19-2010, 17:59
Thanks for the info guys

01-20-2010, 14:12
not sure why you picked this route. Day 1 and Day 3 will be pretty long days, with a short day in the middle.

West Prong trail will have 2 pretty good climbs (and 1 good desent) before it connects with the Bote Mtn trail.
Bote Mtn trail is an old roadbed all the way up to the AT. It is a long gradual uphill.
AT from Spence to Mollies has two pretty good climbs.
Mollies to Fontana is up and down most of the way. There is a pretty good climb to get back up to Shuckstack, then the long 3 mile downhill into the dam.

also note that the dam is closed to vehicle traffic, so you will need to walk the extra mile over to the visitors center.

Have you looked at coming up Lead Cove Trail to Bote Mtn? Or you can bring Bote Mtn all he way up from Schoolhouse. Either would make an easier hike up to Spence. If you get there early, then you can take a side trip over to Rocky Top or Thunderhead if you wanted and take in some nice 270-360 views.

I will be in that same area (Spence Field to Doe Knob) Mon-Wed of next week to clear out blow downs. If you get back before then, shoot me a PM about the status, so I know whether to take all the gear.

Happy Hiking