View Full Version : New Osprey Stratos 36?

01-19-2010, 23:25
Has anyone bought or looked at one yet?
I picked one up today at REI and am going to see how it will work for long day trips, ultralight 0ne-nighters and backcountry fishing excursions.
Here's a link:
I bought a Large in Shale color as that is what had just come in on the truck.
I was looking at the Stratos 40 they have on clearance for $99 and asked if they had anything else. The salesman said they had some new Ospreys that just came in on the truck and brought me out a Stratos 24 in Cactus and the 36 in Shale.
The 24 is just too small to do an overnighter out so I ruled it out.
I had them load the Startos 40 with 25 pounds of weight bags and some fill pillows to try it out.
It's a heck of a deal and a very good size.
Once we moved the same weight into the Stratos 36 the difference was amazing! There's more padding on the hipbelt, the stays are located differently and it's much easier to access items in the middle of the Stratos 35 via the horseshoe zipper.
The new 36 has several neat items includind a built-in rainfly, emergency whistle on the sternum strap, trekking pole keepers and an electronics pouch on the shoulder strap. The one other neat feature is that the top lid is divided into 2 compartments.
I'll post back here after I've had a chance to get it out on the trail!
If anyone else has any feedback let me know.