View Full Version : Sizing shoes

01-20-2010, 22:41
I bought a pair of New Balance 572 trail runners, and now I'm wondering if I should go down a half size.

I've been wearing New Balance shoes for years, and I've found that they're pretty consistently sized. With these 572s, though, I tried on my usual New Balance size (9D) and it was too tight. Went up to a 9.5D and it felt good, but I figured if I'm going to wear it on section hikes, I'd try a 10D and see how it felt. The 10s felt good in the store, but now that I have them home and have put Superfeet green insoles in them and walked around the house for a while, I've noticed that the backs of my heels move a tiny bit against the backs of the shoes.

So, should I keep the 10s and wear thicker socks (which stops my heel from moving against the back of the shoe, but kind of crowds the rest of my foot); exchange them for 9.5s and hope my feet don't expand; or exchange them for 9.5s for now and then buy 10s later if necessary?

01-27-2010, 00:57
Well, I ended up taking the 10s back and getting 9.5s. My heels were rubbing on the larger ones too much.

The 9.5s feel good, except for the Superfeet green insoles which I'm still getting used to. Time will tell, I guess.