View Full Version : trail conditions @ Lehigh Gap

01-21-2010, 19:06
thinkin of hiking lehigh gap tomorrow but not if theres lots of snow that will make it dangerous. Anybody been there recently??

01-21-2010, 19:43
I live about 18 miles South ATCF. Haven't been there recently, but have been walking up and down the steeper hills and lovely rock piles by our house. We had some nice sunny weather the past few days with some 40-50 degree weather and all our snow is gone. There are forecasts for snowshowers tonight, south of 78 (LG is ~ 5M North of 78). There are still pockets of ice and snow in spots in the rocks the sun isn't getting to - of course this would make it dicey in spots, but right now, most of the NB trail should be getting full sun til you cross the shoulder..
You don't mention if you are going SB or NB out of the gap (assuming NB).