View Full Version : Cdt 2010?

01-22-2010, 00:02
Anyone have any plans of hiking it in 2010?

01-22-2010, 00:50
Neck deep in logistics right now!

01-22-2010, 11:01
My husband and I are planning a CDT SOBO thruhike starting around mid-June, or whenever the rangers allow us to start.

01-22-2010, 20:13
Anyone have any plans of hiking it in 2010?

I planning nobo from Crazy Cook starting around April 28. I wouldn't say I'm neck deep, but I have printed all the '09 Ley maps and have obtained OOO's CDT tracks (all of Ley's trail including alternates) and have prepared to load them to my GPS. Am in contact with a number of hikers planning a 2010 CDT hike.

Suggest you check out CDT-L. There is also a CDT2010 Yahoo group that Boomer started, but not many posts.

See you out there.

Chaco Taco
01-22-2010, 20:51
Anyone have any plans of hiking it in 2010?

I was wondering if you guys had finished. Congrats and go for the crown.

I remeber the day u guys at Springer. Freakin greenhorns, now look at ya.

Johnny Appleseed
01-22-2010, 21:49
Time Snake strikes when the iron is hot. Triple Crown in triple years, nice! Good luck on having a fun and safe time.

01-24-2010, 04:09
Southbound, circa june 15th. Me and a couple other 2008/2009 PCT thru-hikers.

Dont Panic
03-08-2010, 12:18
Wing It and I are planning a SOBO hike starting Mid-Late June depending on snow.

03-09-2010, 04:34
Big Dawgs!!

03-09-2010, 07:48
Hiked all of New Mexico (Columbus route) last year with Stumpknocker and will return to walk the remainder this year. Going to start with the Great Basin then head north to SoBo from Glacier back to Cumbres Pass.