View Full Version : Permits Secured!

01-25-2010, 19:38
It's official! Permits are secured for our JMT hike in July. Cannot Wait:banana:banana:banana

01-25-2010, 21:33
how did u do it im headed out august 1st?????

01-25-2010, 22:03
i went to the Yosemite website, pulled up the online reservation form (pdf), faxed it to them (their preferred method) before they opened, and then received confirmation via email the same day! A few notes: you can only submit a request 24 weeks prior to your entry date. Here's a link to figure out when to apply:


Here's the link for the permit form:


They also do walkup reservations, as well as phone-in reservations...I've tried them on phone but have not gotten answer the times I've tried. The fax method seems to be the easiest method, and since it's the preferred method you get priority processing.

01-25-2010, 22:04
thx nomad have a great time. Thx for all the posts too they helped me out alot.....

01-25-2010, 23:21
hey u 2 ! and thanks to everyone who has answered my MANY posts here...(and the many more to come the next few months)

01-26-2010, 00:34
I've enjoyed hearing your decisions and being apprised of your hike. Glad to hear you followed through.

01-26-2010, 11:44
cool. I hope to do this in 2012.