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01-28-2010, 23:00
Yesterday I was cleaning up the yard with my tractor/snowblower and at some point in the process my iphone fell outa my pocket and into the snow without my knowledge.. So I finish cleaning the yard and head inside for some tea when I reach for my iphone to find it missing.. Oh no!

I do a quick visual inspection of the area and find nothing.. Then get another phone and call myself repeatedly while walking in circles listening for a ring.. Nothing.. The problem is my hearing is significantly weakened from an old diving injury.. I give up and head inside deciding if it got picked up through the blower it likely was destroyed..

Later that day (4hrs roughly) i'm relaying the story to my gf who is accustomed to my frequent mishaps and decides to give her ear a try.. Within minutes she returns with a big grin and phone in hand..

To both our amazement, not only did it still work, but was completely unscathed.. Knowing my gadget breaking prowess, my gf had given me an Otter Box Defender Iphone case fro christmas and i've been trying it out since to determine if it offers enough protection to justify the weight.. (Iphone with case weights 6.9oz)

I was given my answer today.. Yes!

09-09-2010, 16:22
The iPhone 3g Otterbox case was notorious for the iPhone falling out, and don't have enough fingers to count the times I reached down and my phone was no longer there but on the ground. Talk about making your heart skip a beat. I have since bought the iPhone 4 and Otterbox changed the design of the Defender series and is now a whole lot better I have had for it 2 months now and my phone has not fallen out once.

Doc Mike
09-09-2010, 16:47
The otterbox works especially well if you put the phone in correctly. I use my case even while riding my harley it hasn't fallen out ever.

09-09-2010, 16:54
I use one for my ipod for whitewater kayaking. Just wouldn't be good if I had to wet exit though.