View Full Version : Had to laugh...

Hammock Hanger
10-30-2002, 14:35
I am planning on doing the Bartram Trail come spring. So I whipped out my old GA/NC maps to see if possiby the route was noted there. When I looked at the profile map I was amazed. I had forgotten what it looked like!!! ^V^V^^^Vv^ (up & down) OMG, did I really feel that the south was the easier end of the trail??? Yeah the White Mts have some long ascents and decents but in a space of ten miles you only have to conquer ONE. It just made me laugh. Hammock Hanger

10-30-2002, 15:57
You're right:D I go up toward Clayton area and points north sometimes. The trail goes across the range rather than following it as the AT usually does. Trail is less used and maintained giving it a wilder feeling.