View Full Version : Lots of snow came saturday..toes OK!

01-31-2010, 20:49
Just wanted to report back.

Weekend stats:

high temp 28 f
low 8 degres f (someone said 6 but i saw 8 on the thermometer myself)
snow 10-12 inches

Thanks for all the tips form my last post on what to wear. I decided to use my trail runners and bought the low OR gaters. My runners are goretex so I thought I should be ok but We were going to expect 12 to 15 inches so I was definately nervous I brougt extra wool socks to sleep in and had sierra down booties for camp that I promised I would keep dry for camp should I get wet toes.

We went in friday and there was already a little ice/but no snow yet and at the first big stream crossing the guys with the pulks tromped right through without a second thought while I rock hopped with fear that wet feet at the beginning was unacceptable risk for me. Lesson...next winter I get boots for snow backpacking.

I had to submerge my toes once and the shoe got wet but they dried out by putting toe warmers in and brining them into my hammock at night each night. By sunday my shoes were warm and walking out through the snow was fun warm and dry.

2 other people had cold toes this weekend. One guys boots froze and he reported that he put his frozen boots on to go to the stream and get water and was fine on the way down but on the way back he started feeling pain and by the time he returned to the shelter he could not feel his toes. One of the guys gave him his down booties to use and he sat in the shelter most of the day. He had a tough time drying the boots because it was snowing so putting them by the fire meant one side warmed and the other side froze.

The other cold foot issue was a 12 year old hammocker who had new boots and wore too many socks. She warmed up by removing some socks but also spent 6 hours in down bootes at the shelter.

The trail runners were just fine, extremely comfortable but risky if there is a chance of a stream crossing, but I think fine for snow and temps to teens /single digits it seemed.

Great trip and thanks to all you who helped me decide what to bring!