View Full Version : Anyone try WWOOF (Willing workers on organic farms)?

Upsidedown Hiker
01-31-2010, 21:03
I was thinking about trying this on the AT, has anyone else tried this while doing a through hike? If you have is there a list of farms that could be shared or farms that you really enjoyed being at?

Johnny Thunder
01-31-2010, 21:09
There's an article in this month's AT Journey's you should check out.

Normal WOOFing stints are longer than you'd probably be able to do during an ongoing hike....but I did have some friends get off and work at a winery somewhere in Virginia. Chaco might know the name of it. His boy eventually got to be a liquor rep for them.

Off the top of my head, no I don't have a list. But if you're really interested and still have time to spare I know someone in the Shenandoah area who could give you some work or at least point you in the right direction.