View Full Version : Sierra Designs Arrow Rock

The Hag
02-04-2010, 21:38
Sierra Designs has came out witha new bag Arrow Rock 30 Flex does anyone have any comments on this bag a local outfitter has a great deal on them ($111) I was wondering about the flex design and if the sierra designs temp ratings are accurate.:sun

02-05-2010, 09:15
I bought one in Sept. of 08 and while I haven't used for any extended periods, it so far has lived up to it's temp rating and the advertised stretch feature is accurate and comfortable. I think I paid $117 in an REI sale. I'm happy with mine.

02-05-2010, 14:21
I got mine in 08 as well. Prolly got 60 nights in it. Still like brand new. I'm a big guy and the stretch works great. Slept great in mid 20 degree weather