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mumbles mcgee
02-05-2010, 00:13
So here's what I have for shirts/fleece/jackets, what should make the cut? Mid-April NOBO start FYI. I'm typically on the colder side warm. My baseweight is roughly 22 lbs, I'd like to keep things light, but it's definitely not my primary goal. I'll be carrying a cotton T and nylon shorts to sleep in.

Short Sleeve:
Wicking polypro t-shirt - definitely coming
icebreaker wool t-shirt (black)

EMS Silk-weight polypro long sleeve
EMS Mid-weight long sleeve polypro
Patagonia Cap 3 long sleeve
Marmot Stretchy Polar Tech Long sleeve fleece with 1/4 zip - tight fit Mountain Hardwear Fleece 1/4 zip - loose fit
Patagonia fleece - Full Zip, pretty standard fleece jacket
Marmot DriClime catalyst Jacket - full zip, mock neck (no hood)
Marmot Precip Jacket - definitely coming

For layering.. I'm thinking: silkweight, Cap 3, DriClime, and then Precip rain jacket. Yes? No? Maybe?

Any wool diehards that think it's awesome enough to take 2 hiking shirts?

Do you think looser better when it comes to adding layers? (3 baggy layers vs. 3 tight layers?) I'm also having an issue with the 1/4 zip vs. full zip thing. On past hikes I've gone out with my silkweight, midweight, 1/4 zip stretch fleece and precip but I also didn't own the rest of the items in the list.

02-05-2010, 00:32
It looks like a lot for an April start. I wouldn't carry both the fleece and a Dri-clime--one or the other, and I prefer the Dri-clime. With a mid-April start, you might miss the winter weather, so you should do OK with a base layer, a shirt, the Dri-clime, and the rain jacket. A fleece or down vest might be a good idea for the first month, though.

It's really easy to stay warm while hiking, and you always have your tent and sleeping bag if things really get cold.

I like Mt Squid's saying that if you can't wear everything at the same time, don't bring it.

02-05-2010, 08:05
Garlic good post as usual. Thats really a good rule of thumb to follow. I just have never heard it put that way.