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09-21-2004, 21:45
I'm looking for someone on the list (or off for that matter, if you know someone), who is a doctor or medical professional. I would like to pick your brain about how thru-hiking effects a body and how it could be measured. So, I suppose someone with a background in sports medicine would be great. :sun
If you think you could help me please PM me, or even better, email me at [email protected]
I would like to call you (on my dime) to discuss some simple questions. I'm a photographer, NOT a doctor, so my questions are basic, and probably odd.
Thanks in advance! -Java
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09-21-2004, 21:53
I don't know that I'd have that much information that would be helpful to you. I'd suggest that you would have more luck chatting with someone with Wilderness Medicine experience. http://www.wilderness-medicine.com/ links to their home page and a number of conferences.

The topic as you present it is really too broad to be easily chatted. What are you particularly interested in measuring? What makes you think that it would generalize among ages and genders? How would such testing interfere with a hike, hence lead to little valid data?


09-21-2004, 22:05
If you think you could help me please PM me, or even better, email me at [email protected]

I kept the earlier post vague because I would like to explain myself further if someone is actually interested in speaking with me. So...please PM/email me if you are!

09-27-2004, 10:59
I'm an EMT..GA#14232

though I have not practiced professionally in some years....