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02-12-2010, 16:59
Is the Showers Steps area legally accessible from the bottom at PA 501, on or about N40 30.226, W076 19.043, or only from the A.T. at the top? I remember hearing that the Kessel Trail was closed.

02-12-2010, 17:33
theirs lots of ways down to the steps.just use the trail from the at and leave the cool unknown side routes to us way cool guys.youll do fine.lol.

02-12-2010, 18:46
I think the thread starter was looking for a proper answer from someone who knows. Since I'm not certain and also would like to know, I'll ask someone who might know and keep asking until I get a proper answer.

Until someone gets a answer straight the landowner or from BMECC's corridor management committee, I'd consider the answer to be no. It had been announced on the club's website the blue-blazed Kessel Trail was closed. I no longer see any mention of it where I saw it previously.

03-01-2010, 08:45
I see a couple of usual suspects have posted since my query - no answer though...

03-01-2010, 15:25
I'm on it! Showers 500 Steps is of little more than historical interest at this point. The access to the foot of them has always been privately owned so far as I know.

Expect a PM. I can provide more information off-board and don't expect to add anything more before getting my hands on additional information.

03-01-2010, 15:46
It has always seemed that it's private land - I guess the question would be do the landowners allow foot traffic across them from the road to the Steps or is it "POSTED Trespassers will be Shot and Eaten This Means YOU!"

03-01-2010, 17:09
Closed means closed and I now have it on good information the trail about which information was requested remains closed. Disrespecting landowners only causes them to become more firm in their resolve and less cooperative.

A.T. hikers should endeavor to be good neighbors by respecting the private property rights of landowners who live near the A.T. They make some of the best corridor monitors.

I would also like to point out some questions are better addressed by sending an email to BMECC. Not all information about the A.T. needs to be broadcast on the Internet and those who have its best interests at heart should think twice before striking post reply.