View Full Version : PA/MD/VA Weather in April?

02-14-2010, 21:49
I'm approaching the final stages of planning for my upcoming April section hike (Caledonia SP, PA to Front Royal, VA) and i've purposely put off my clothing selection until I can get a better handle on the weather. Does anyone have any insight onto what kind of weather I can reasonably expect for an April 29-May 9 hike? I've seen various weather charts online, but any real-world experience with Highs and Lows during this time period in this section would be great.

I'll take any clothing recommendations as well.


Spirit Walker
02-14-2010, 23:19
Could be beautiful 70-80 degrees and sunshine, could be cold (40s) and wet. I'd bring a long underwear shirt for night, but probably wouldn't bother with long underwear bottoms. Rain jacket but not rain pants. Warm jacket, but not down. Definitely a t-shirt. It's spring, which means changeable, but generally not too cold that late in the season.

02-24-2010, 10:02
Pretty much what Spirit Walker said. Plan for the cool side, with afternoon showers, but bring along a set of warmer weather clothes too.

02-24-2010, 10:33
Check weather ahead of time, be prepared for wet conditions. For me, I'd take rain pants, but that's me. Convertible pants lets you change to shorts if its warm.

03-05-2010, 21:04
i usually hike april trips with cargo pants, short sleeve techwick, and yes, bring a long sleeve underwear shirt. it can still get a little cold at night, so i'd take a lightweight fleece jacket. lightweight rain jacket is a must, but you won't need long underwear pants. a 30deg bag will give you extra warmth. took a 40 once and i was cold one night, so i used a 30 since for april.

03-05-2010, 21:06
sorry, the fleece jacket for the morning. you shouldn't need it at night. i made it sound like you're going to wear it at night in your sleeping bag. haha. but yes, the mornings can still be cold. at least in pa.

03-05-2010, 21:34
It always seems to be rainy (april and may) in the state of Pa. The weather usually is 50- low 60s and chilly in the morning and nights. Plan for a wet hike through pa and hopefully youll get lucky and mother nature will smile some sunshine your way!!! Have fun.