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stir crazy
02-16-2010, 19:03
My 23 yr. old son and I will be doing a 14 day hike in late April or early May. We have started preparing for an AT hike from Springer to Fontana. However, I'm now starting to debate whether we should do the BMT or the AT. Here's my questions:
1. Scenery. Starting at Springer, what trail offers the better scenery for the next 180 miles? Subjective, I know. But still interested in your opinions.
2. Solitude. I guess I know the answer to this one. But I'm not just referring to other hikers. We are hammock hangers so shelters and campsites aren't quite as important. Solitude is more a feeling of being off the beaten track (although I need enough of a beaten track to not get my a** lost)

This is our first section hike. We both have experience hiking. My son hiked in Glacier National Park and I was raised in Montana and did alot of hiking in my younger years. I guess the real question is whether that first long section hike should be the BMT or the AT?

Thanks in advance for your ideas. I respect the experience and knowledge of the members on this site.