View Full Version : Montrail Hurricane Ridge replacements

02-18-2010, 20:57
Looking for a similar replacement for my worn out Hurricane Ridge's, was hoping to just pick up another pair but found the model is discontinued....appears several of the new 2010 Montrails are not yet available. Appreciate any suggestions for a similar fit?

02-19-2010, 01:02
I liked the Montrail Hurricane Ridge. I thrued the Long Trail in them when it was very wet and muddy at times. They were comfy. Little hard to get on with my high volume instep with the slipper design though. Also, not the most stable shoe in the heel. I thought the traction could have been improved. Other than those complaints I liked them. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued.

I just tried on the LaSportiva Wildcats the other day and thought they were similar to the Hurricane Ridge. The Wildcats were also available in 13.5 size. I find it hard to get 1/2 sizes in anything over a 13 size.