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Lone Wolf
09-28-2004, 19:12

Turn up sound

09-28-2004, 19:23
Yep, those were the days.

09-28-2004, 20:09
went right over my head. feel like i missed something good though....

Lone Wolf
09-28-2004, 20:24
got it workin now.

09-28-2004, 20:42
Guess I'm not old enough.

Hammock Hanger
09-28-2004, 21:24
I am old enough... and I surely remember that UGLY gym uniform! Sue/HH

art to linda
09-28-2004, 23:15
O My..LOL 57 chevy & watching submarine races haven't heard that in a looog time ;)

09-28-2004, 23:50
Man I must be old because I can remember every one of those.

09-29-2004, 00:01
it was an ad for the LDS.....
well if Attrol and l.Wolf remember I'd be lying if I said i didnt......
was there a 'spin the bottle' game listed?

09-29-2004, 00:45
Wow, hard to believe that a lot of that stuff even applied to those of us who grew up in NYC!

09-29-2004, 07:12
I was doing a lot of smiling...

"double dog dare ya"????

thats when I started thinking ... maybe I'm not THAT old!!!...

then I realized the double dog dare ya was the ONLY thing that didn't bring back memories!!


09-29-2004, 07:45
I remember spending many, many nickels on those baseball cards trying to get Duke Snider. The only Brooklyn Dodger I could ever get was Danny McDevitt. Didn't know him then and don't know him now!

Thanks Lone Wolf for that walk back to a kinder, gentler time. :sun

10-08-2004, 18:18
hey, I can remember when it wasnt unusual to pull up to the pump and ask for 50 cents of gas. The attendant pumped it and still checked your oil, water and maybe cleaned your windshield, too. And gas was much cheaper than 35 cents/gallon, too.....I'm really getting old, I guess...I wonder what my three children will remember one day?

10-08-2004, 18:30
YUP, I remember them too and guess whatl ...those days still exist, but you have to move to Wyoming to find them. Been living the "good old days" ever since I finished my thru last October.

AT 2003

10-08-2004, 19:18
Metal ice cube trays with the levers............wow....now that one took me back......I had forgotten all about those.

Big Guy
10-08-2004, 21:54
Wolf: Remember them all. Have talked to my older sister about similar issues and what our kids have missed by the evolution of our society. Great clip that brought back many pleasant memories.
Medicine Man spin the bottle, how about post office.

10-09-2004, 20:00
Man I must be old because I can remember every one of those.

Remember, Trolling one. These off topic political and sentimental things need to be kept from us ordinary trail zealots.


10-09-2004, 21:04
You guys are a bunch of old farts (except Old Fhart) :jump

Magic City
10-09-2004, 21:11
I remember all that stuff.

10-09-2004, 22:14
Yeah, me too. Including the style (and the name) of the music in the background. Beanie and Cecil? Don't forget Space Patrol, Wild Bill Hickock, Fury, and Ruff & Ready. Does ANYBODY besides me remember "Crusader Rabbit and Raggs the Tiger"? Or Captain Kangaroo's electric train setup at Christmas time? Duke Snyder baseball cards? How about Davy Crockett cards? And my car key is still sitting in the ignition, but then the closest metropolitan center is a half hour away and its only 70,000 people.

As a kid I always wanted to go to Yellowstone NP. Although my family always took summer vacations in Denver to see my grandparents I never saw Yellowstone until just before I retired. Just before that happened, when I lived in England, I was amused by their pronunciation of geyser. They say 'geezer'. And now I'm living the good life in western Montana ane I am a Montana geyser/geezer (and, NO, I wouldn't want to go back...),


"Yellowstone Park features hundreds of geezers" --- BBC
I'll say...I'm one of them...Thanks much for this link...it's going to all of my extended family...even the young farts.

walkin' wally
10-10-2004, 19:08
O My..LOL 57 chevy & watching submarine races haven't heard that in a looog time ;)

I had a '57 chevy 2 door sedan. Leaf springs with only a 6 cyl. But with a good V8 maybe with power pack heads it could hold it's own at the drag strip.
Bought it in Florida it had no heater. Brrr.

Submarine Races brings to mind a somewhat more recent song; "Paradise by The Dashboard Light" ( Meat Loaf ). Or maybe the drive in theater A.K.A. "the passion pit".

10-10-2004, 20:44
I only watched TV once a week.....that's because we DIDN'T have one!!!
Every Friday night we'd go to the next door neighbors' and watch Boston Blackie at 8:30. Anyone remember what came on AFTER that...at 9:00???:bse