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02-25-2010, 12:27
The below is from an old 2006 post, thought I might re-post it for the class of 2010

A few thoughts for the class of 2006

Regarding bears, snakes etc. On the trail just as in the real world, “Most of the things you worry about never happen”.

At some point on the trail, you will meet someone you find annoying. At some point on the trail, someone will find you annoying.

When someone asks for you opinion, he/she is usually trying to get you to validate his or her own opinion.

If you don’t carry it up the mountain, you don’t have it Conversely, if someone else doesn’t carry it up the mountain they have no reason to presume that they can use yours.

When you come to a shelter in the spring going NOBO and there are 20 people there, look around and ask yourself, “Who will be the other person besides me that makes it to Katahdin”?

Local advice on distance ain’t worth s*%$, locals think in “car miles”, not walking miles.

If you are on the trail long enough, Trail Magic will happen to you. Give it back when/if you can.

By the time you hit the Smokies you will have stared at the ground three feet in front of toes of your boots for 163 miles.

After you leave Harpers Ferry, you will wonder where all of the other (thru) hikers are.
10. Enjoy yourself and be your own best friend.

The Flatulator
02-25-2010, 13:29
You forgot....If you don't hike in the rain, you will never make it to Maine.

Smoky in TN
02-25-2010, 15:26
Good one RLC,
The old ratio used to be 1 in 10 would make it to the end.
I remember sitting around the campfire in Georgia, with a bunch of hikers, thinking "how sad, none of these people will ever see Maine"

02-25-2010, 15:29
Nowadays it's more than 1 in 5. Go figure.

02-25-2010, 16:54
no rain. no pain. no maine

03-02-2010, 08:11
no rain. no pain. no maine

me and a couple other guys made it to neel gap in two days...the trail conditions were good until blood mountain. its covered with thick ice and snow with more head to the area! very dangerous hiking on blood mountain. were waiting out the storm at mountain crossing hostel! happy trails! maddog