View Full Version : A lighter MSR Whisperlite

Dan Bowen
11-01-2002, 20:33
There is a company that makes a upgrade kit to make your whisperlite and whisperlite international stoves lighter and easier to pack.The company's name is Laagear.There web address is www.laafgear.comHas anyone out there use this kit?Is the stove still stable?

11-02-2002, 00:36
I went to this site to check it out and found that the address did not work so I tried www.lagear.com and got a message that said Under Construction.

If this site ever come back I would like to check out this upgrade on making a whisperlite lighter. I have one and I would like to lighten it if it is possible.

11-02-2002, 14:21
the correct address is http://www.laafgear.com

this is "Light As A Feather" website. their upgrade kit looks interesting.

Dan Bowen
11-04-2002, 17:49
Chief, Thank you for the correct spelling.My mistake.

11-05-2002, 09:14
When I saw the subject of this thread, I thought it refered to the new MSR stove. Called the Simmerlite, it is supposed to weigh in at 7 oz, about 40% less than a Whisperlite. But, also 7 times heavier than a simple alcohol stove.