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02-28-2010, 15:28
My favorite time of the year may be the period immediately before leaf-out. It's a time when the weather becomes warmer and more settled, spring ephemerals bloom and migrating birds are returning in greater numbers and are easily observed.

So this thread isn't so much about a physical point on the A.T. but rather many points at a particular time which occurs every year. I'd like to focus upon when it occurs at various points on the A.T. and hear from others who enjoy being outdoors in the days leading up to leaf-out.

Specifically, the one bit of information I'd most like to obtain is when leaf-out occurs on Georgia's A.T. I realize it varies somewhat from year to year and I'd like to nail down the range.

02-28-2010, 20:34
Very last days of April - first 10 or so days in May, depending on elevation? Last year on a hike the third week in May, the fresh green leaves were just comming out while hiking north out of Bly Gap. The time of year you are talking about can sometimes feel wicked hot under that sun...with no shade and all! :)

02-28-2010, 20:49
I know what you mean: sunburned during the daylight hours and shivering at night. It's a combination some may never experience prior to hiking north Georgia.

Of course, I've been there before, but it's been a few years. Sure would like to hear from anyone living near the A.T. or hiking there about when leaf-out occurs in 2010.

Dances with Mice
03-01-2010, 09:42


As everybody knows leaf out depends not just on time of year but also on elevation.

The photo above was taken mid-April from Rhodes Mtn on the DRT. What it shows is that leaf-out has occurred downslope from where I'm standing, the tree beside me has just started to leaf and the branches hanging over my head from trees just a few feet higher upslope have not yet sprouted leaves but will within a day or two.

So I am standing on Spring! The photo was taken right on the line where Spring, 'leaf-out' if you insist, is working its way up the mountainsides.

So to answer the question: In late March / early April leaves start to appear in the lower elevations like 3 Forks area or Justus Creek and they creep upwards all month. By late April the hardwoods have sprouted at all elevations.